Morris + Jessi =
The Messi (.com)

Since 2014, we've had be the method of keeping our friends and families up to date on our lives together, serving as holiday cards, detailed life updates, and a way to share our work.

So naturally, as we begin to plan for our wedding, it was only fitting to add a new section to our already existing site. So rather than starting a new, wedding only site, we will add a wedding section to, so the pre-, mid-, and post- of the wedding can be captured.

After all, the wedding is only but one chapter in our messi lives.

We are professionals.
Professional humans.
Or at least we believe this is what they look like.

We are espumita makers in training
We believe Bustelo > Pilon

We are lifelong learners and travelers.
And occasionally fly our own course.

We are silly artists and engineers who get (way too) excited about making.

We swear we have MIT degrees
Despite what these pictures say

And we are best friends who are engaged.

Talk about lucky!