Meditation Halos

Date:July 4, 2019


The work started off with a collaboration we were going to do with Dina Fisher for an installation at burning man 2018. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out. Yet we still had the idea of a halos for meditation that we wanted to explore, and ended up making a chandelier for our home instead.

Prototype first

Before you start, you have to prototype ideas. Can we have concentric circles in different tilt angles be held up by three strings? Well, lets get some string, pipe cleaners, and tape to find out =)

Making The Rings


One of the rings is about four feet in diameter. Since we didn't have access to a large format CNC, we had to improvise. We used this circle jig cut and a router to cut them all. Then used wood varnish to give them a dark color.


Each halo is made up of three rings. The center ring has an LED strip on the outside. We used white water tube as a diffuser, but we also added a strip of white table cloth to help the diffuse the light further. This gives an even strip of light.

Testing the setup

The cables to drive the LEDs are fed through small holes on the top of each halo. The electronics powering all the LEDs are housed inside a small hub that, of course, has our logo milled on it. Each halo is held up with three strings. As we tried to figure out how to hang them, we used counterweights to keep the rings in different heights/tilts and once we liked the configuration, we tied the strings.