Navigating MIT

Date:September 25, 2014

Site:Jessi's HTMAA page

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Critical Making is the thought that you make with purpose, not just to replicate. See? Sometimes art does have function! =)

A Maze For Our Entertainment System

We needed a way to "hide" the cables coming down from the speakers next to our TV. Usually, people hide them behind walls. We took a "hide in plain sight" type of approach.

The final product takes the MIT Logo and creates individual mazes inside each. Each of the seven rectangles represents 1 of the 7 years we each spent "navigating" MIT. Cables actually solve the puzzles inside each rectangle, bringing the sound from our sound system to the speakers.


The piece was made by using an Onsrud to mill out the paths from a 2x4 foot piece of wood laminate. The mazes were created using a maze generator. We used inkscape and illustrator to vectorize the image, and use MasterCAM to make the tool path. We used crazy glue, a fork to press down, and lots of patience to adhere the wire to the board.