New Year's Gifts

Date:Christmas and New Year's

Practice What You Preach

We decided to make all the gifts for our families for the holidays. It's a lot of work, but honestly, we get so much out of seeing their faces when they open hand/computer-made gifts from us. Here are a few examples.

Family Finally Meets

When we finally had family meet, we decided on neutral territory. That means family flew from Miami and Los Angeles all the way to the tip of Maine to celebrate New Year's together =). Nothing like 8 people in a single-bathroom cabin to signify family.

To welcome them, we etched mugs and glasses to toast to the new year. The mugs were used because, well, if these beach-goers were going to spend a week in the snow, they were gonna need their hot coffee in hand =)

Mimi's Pendant

We took about 50 pictures of Mimi, Jessi's grandmother, while she sat in a chair and we walked around her. From these images, we were able to back project her image and create a 3D model of her. We cleaned up the STL file a bit, added a base, and sent it to Shapeways to be printed out of a Polished Nickel Steel. Attach a thin necklace, and we were able to make a pendent of Mimi for Jessi's mom.

Baby's First Mobius

This was a gift for our niece's 1st birthday: A mobius strip bracelet (made from food-safe silicone of course, because babies put everything in their mouths). The piece was designed in SolidWorks, processed in Rhino, and milled out of machinable wax in a Shopbot to create a mold. The final version of the piece was printed out of a FormLabs printer using clear resin to get a smoother surface finish to cast out of.

Christmas Cards 2017

One year, Jessi made some beautiful Christmas cards. She laser cut a design inspired by wreaths on heavy red card stock. The design was carefully made to ensure no pieces fell out after laser cutting. We also made more mugs, this time out of glass, and forced our family to wear reindeer antlers =p