Open Mind::Open Art Gallery

Date:February 18, 2017


Funded through the MIT MindHandHeart Initiative, Jessica received funding to install a 2-week art gallery in MIT's student center. She was the creative director while Morris' role was technical director. Together, they lead a group of 11 artists and 10 makers through a month long journey of creating art and exhibits that celebrate neurodiversity.


We're really good at pretending we are artists. Apparently, you just don't look into the camera. Voila!

What Does The Future of Mental Health and Wellness Look Like?

One of our proudest installations was the entrance. To meet fire code, we were not allowed to lock/close the gallery during the two weeks. However, with offset black curtains with dangling 2x2 inch pieces of polycarbonate with laminate on top, we were able to create a wall that invited people in, but also, blocked the outside once inside, creating a little sanctuary.

A True Celebration of Neurodiversity

The opening night was filled with bands, beat boxers, meditation sessions, and people demo-ing their tech, including software that reads your mood through your laptop, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and a dress with projectable images.

We also crowdsourced a mural in the back of the gallery during the opening night. Guests submitted thoughts/comments into a box, and our artists interpreted those statements building up the wall throughout the night.

Diversity in Art

We really cannot thank our friends enough for their support, from the day of, to taking down, running events, helping teach art, being soundboards to our ideas, literally pulling all nighters to finish the installation, documenting our work, or just bringing us ice cream exactly when we needed it.

The art was as diverse as ourselves. We had zines as programs, pillows made to allow people to gather in the space longer, interactive pieces displaying empathy, photography pieces, BCI examples, large format painting, items made from foamboard and pens, and pieces made from fabric.