New Home Renovations

Date:August 29, 2014


In 2014, we moved into Theta Delta Chi as Graduate Resident Advisors. Although we love the people and the place, we felt we needed a little upgrade in order to call ourselves "adults." So we spent three weeks remodeling the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and walk in closet of the suite given to us.

For optimal wow-factor, we've hidden the progress pics. Once you view the current state of each room, click the accordion button to see just how much work we put into our beautiful space.

Living Room/ Kitchenette

To the living room, we painted all the walls, closed off a closet (and opened it into the bedroom), installed a large kitchenette, and even fixed a 100 year old porcelain sink (or, replaced it with a modern one).


The bathroom required tons of work. It started with the smallest standing shower you've ever seen, and a weird blue color. We gave it a Moroccan theme, fresh with a Moroccan mirror, lamp, and curtain, as well as some sand from the Sahara Desert. We broke down a wall and installed a bathtub with dual shower heads. A trim of tile around the entire bathroom was a finishing touch that accented the newly brownish-orange walls.

Walk-in Closet

The walk in closet used to have walls and cabinets with (and we're not kidding) about 10 layers of paint. Seems like the previous tenants hadn't heard of sanding and priming. We took all the cabinets out, gave the hardwood floors a fresh sanding, and primed the entire room. Jessi gave accents to the all white room in the steel gray and cardinal red colors of MIT.