Because she appreciates the process

When someone proposes, they open a ring box and present a ring. Because the ring is never removed from their finger, the ring box becomes useless, really. I really hated this feeling.

Instead, I used an MIT ring box to present the ring, but also made Jessi a ring box that shows the entire process of how I designed and fabricated her ring. Designing something for a designer is probably one of the stupidest things you can try and embark on, however. This ring box was my attempt at bridging Jessi's love for novelty, need to fidget things with her hands, and her love for process art.

Her ring box is made up of four wooden pieces. I used a minimill to add small magnets so all pieces could hold together. The first box actually has the 3D printed mold of her ring. The second box has a plexiglass cover holding a the 3D printed wax ring inside it's casting material. The third ring is the result of when you pour gold into the negative mold, before it is polished. And finally, the last box folds out to an accordion box showing all the details of the ring. When stacked, they show the lyrics to our favorite song.

My favorite part is actually the different shapes that can be achieves with the magnets. Since i've given it to her, she has changed the structure monthly, and hasn't repeated a layout since =).