Because we love the date

Pi Day 2020

It just has a beautiful ring (ba dum tss!) to it. It'll be difficult for people to forget, but we want to make sure all our guests mark this date down in their calendars promptly!

Lots of thanks to Mr. Tom Virgin, Jessica's high school art teacher turned our go-to artist consultant, for letting us use his studio and helping us with a ton of silly mistakes we had made in thinking we knew how to use a printing press. You should see his amazing work over at

Also a huge thanks to Michelle Artiles and Arlene Cordoves, who spent hours writing down addresses and licking envelopes to ensure the Save The Dates arrived at your homes =).

From sketches to final product =)

The idea behind the design came from using palm trees because, well, both Miami and LA are known for palm trees and beaches. It is a symbol that bridges the west and east coast families that will be united at this wedding. We started with a centered design, but ended up with an offset design and placed two love birds on there. We designed it in inkscape and used a shapeoko cnc to mill out a linoneum block with our design.

We then used Mr. Tom Virgin's ink press to place our design on cards. You start by spreading the color you want onto the roll, and smear that over the templates (the linoleum blocks or the letters). Once spread, you can run a paper over the templates to transfer the paint onto the paper.

Repeat this process until you have all the Save The Dates you want!

We then used a silicon stamp to stamp the Pi in the front and our logo in the back. Add gold glitter and use a heat gun to let the glitter set on the stamp. Add a black thin magnet so people can easily display it on any metal surface, and have your sister write addresses, and voila!