• Thursday-Friday


    Welcome to Miami!

    The pre-wedding itinerary includes a welcome dinner, a beach day, some night life, and a special family car show with both Jessi's Dad's 1956 Oldsmobile and Morris' Dad's 1952 Chevy Pickup! The activities will start on Thursday, but check back for more details as events are confirmed.

    Recommendations for where to stay are also coming soon!

The Wedding!

  • Saturday



    25600 SW 147th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032

    The ceremony will begin at 5pm. Be sure to catch one of the shuttle buses leaving from Miami to make it on time. There is also parking at the event for those wishing to drive in.

  • Saturday



    25600 SW 147th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032

    Enjoy drinks at Redland Koi Gardens while the Bride and Groom prepare for their big entrance.


  • Sunday


    El Desquita/ La Cruda

    Recovery. We will all need it. Swing by Jessi's Father's place for drinks, a dip in the pool, and Paella before you grab your flight. Morris' aunt will also be making Pupusas!